Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ever since the late 90's/early 00's, Trace has been one of my favorite magazines. And their "mission statement" really boils it down to what makes this publication special:

TRACE is a TRANSCULTURAL Styles and Ideas magazine, a new expression in culture documenting the impact of the interconnected worlds of music, fashion, film, art, politics on today's multiethnic youth.

People of all cultures, class, ethnicities, shapes, colors, etc. are welcome to the party, and Trace gives it to us in a way no one else can. They've recently gotten more "multi" in their media, and their representation of the female form is very fresh, cuz it's about the appreciation, not the exploitation.

The following video is of a casting call Trace had for their "True Beauty" issue. It's about women in their own skin, just being comfortable in their own respective beauty. Shout out to the homie Shaunte!

Here weeeeeeee go:

Trace Magazine issue 80 "TRUE BEAUTY" casting call.

n a k e d from One Time on Vimeo.

-Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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BananaBoyB said...

Daamn.. How can I get an internship?? Or be the dude that just applies lotion.. Shit, at least let me unscrew the top of their water bottles at the next shoot..