Friday, May 9, 2008

Foreign Twin

So, last month the HONOR ROLL was in Vegas to perform at "Hi-Fidelity". Before we were scheduled to perform, we decided to walk Fremont Street and get a quick bite to eat, and cause some trouble. All present were Tap.10, Spanks, Moxmore, 1o.A.K., Track, and myself.

While walking and goofing off, I hear Mox go "OH SHIT MIKE, IT'S YOUR TWIN!!!!!!!!!" Usually people say things like that, and it's not the case. This time though, Mox hit it on the nail.

Here's my Czech twin brother. Stubble, glasses, hair, nose - CHECK!

And yes that is Mox's big ass hand acting as a platter for Czech-Mike's head.

-Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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Osgood said...

course you're purtier....