Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amelie is Coco Chanel!

Audrey Tautou is playing one of the most important persons in the history of fashion in an upcoming biopic.

Not sure when this is hitting theaters, let alone wrapping, but that's the onesheet for it.

Here's some background on Mademoiselle Chanel courtesy of the The Biography Channel UK

Coco Chanel
born: 19-08-1883
birth place: Saumur, France
died: 10-01-1971

Designer Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in 1883, although she would often claim that her real date of birth was 1893, making her ten years younger.

Her place of birth was also something that she sought to disguise. Coco was born in the workhouse where her mother worked, although she asserted that she was born in Auvergne.

Her mother died when she was six years old, leaving her father with five children, whom he quickly farmed out to various relatives.

Gabrielle adopted the name Coco during a brief career as a singer in cafes and concert halls, between 1905-08.

Coco became the mistress of a rich military officer, and then a wealthy English Industrialist, and the patronage and connections that these men provided her with enabled her to open her own millinery shop in Paris in 1910. She had soon expanded to Deauville and Biarritz.

Coco Chanel became the first designer to use jersey during the 1920s, and her relaxed, mannish clothes for women soon became very popular with clients, who were tired of the corseted fashions of previous decades.

In 1922, she launched the fragrance Chanel No. 5, which remains popular to this day. Two years later Pierre Wertheiner became her partner (taking on 70% of the fragrance business), and reputedly her lover.

Coco launched her signature cardigan jacket in 1925, and the following year matched its success with her little black dress. Both items continue to be a staple part of every Chanel collection.

During World War II, Coco was a nurse, although her post-war popularity was greatly diminished by her affair with a Nazi officer during the conflict.

However, she made her comeback in 1954, her style much unchanged, apart from the introduction of pea jackets and bell-bottoms for women.

During her life, Coco Chanel also designed costumes for the stage, including Cocteau’s 'Antigone' (1923) and 'Oedipus Rex' (1937). She also designed film costumes for cinematic works such as 'La Regle de Jeu'.

A Broadway musical of her life opened in 1969, with Katharine Hepburn taking the role of Coco.

Coco Chanel worked until her death in 1971 at the age of 88.

Karl Lagerfeld has been chief designer of Chanel's fashion house since 1982. His ability to continuously mine the Chanel archive for inspiration testifies to the importance of Coco Chanel's contribution to the world of fashion.

My homie, and aspiring designer, Jenny Brodman put me up on Coco Chanel back when we used to kick it hard, and I thought her life story was hella interesting. I'm hoping the film'll be good.

-Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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