Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEW HNRL MUSIC: 1-O.A.K. - "Me & You"

Here we go again!

drops Me & You, the second release in our new HNRL single series.

<a href="http://hnrl.bandcamp.com/track/me-you">Me &amp; You by HNRL</a>

From the desk of the HNRL:

He’s been putting in overtime with his work for others but we’re geeked to finally share his own debut single, “Me & You”. Co-written alongside fellow Honor Roller Trackademicks and produced by 1-O.A.K., the song’s percussive backbone combines smooth synths over a stutter-step breakbeat to create a lush soundscape matching the song’s theme of love caught in uncertainty. “Me & You” has 1-O.A.K. assessing an atmosphere in which loose lips sink ships: his girlfriend’s confidantes have labeled him a player. With confidence and conviction, he urges his love to take a leap of faith – “If love is for the birds then meet me in the clouds.”


Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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