Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike Baker the Bike Maker - "Food For Thought" video

Mike Baker the Bike Maker - Food For Thought from HNRL on Vimeo.

Back at you once again with another video off my mixtape Body Of Work

Like "Strut" off of Now Or Never, "Food For Thought" is one of those instances where I felt like I needed to wax poetic on something I was feeling hella much. In this case it was Larry Heard/Mr. Fingers' contemplative classic "Can You Feel It".

Shot, once again, by Rob Critical of HA Critical, and assisted in the camerawork department by Charles Yi of The Mighty Fifty, this video was shot in Downtown LA during the summer at "magic hour" - that perfectly complementary time of the day when the sun decides to match the tone of this video we shot right here. It makes things a little more special for you, the viewer, to experience, as well as me, the artist, to provide.

Hope you enjoy!

Check it out on youtube as well if you have problems viewing Vimeo - HERE

Mike Baker the Bike Maker