Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rest In Peace Oscar Grant

Everybody with a beating heart owes it to themselves to watch this video, to see that despite the progress we made as a country in voting a Black Man into the highest office in the land, there is still inequality, bigotry and lawlessness when it comes to the way the authorities treat the denizens of lower income communities.

This didn't just happen in the hood though. Granted, Fruitvale BART station is in East Oakland, but it's a station that not just Oakland residents use.

If you live in Alameda, it's one of the stations you use. if you live in San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, Fremont and any number of other Bay Area cities, you go through this station.

It's like the cops didn't even fucking care that there was a TRAIN FULL OF PEOPLE WITH CAMERAS TAPING THE WHOLE SITUATION.

If you're in the Bay Area tomorrow, go to this:

Justice for Oscar Grant rally at Fruitvale Bart station in Oakland, Jan. 7, 3-7 pm.

Peace and blessings to the family of Oscar Grant, and may he be in a better place now.

Mike Baker the Bike Maker


asia kismet said...

i was seriously disturbed by this shit...
my prayers go out to his fam.

Choo said...


Melissa said...

I think we should organize a boycott of BART for the same length of time it takes them to arrest the person they employed to murder Oscar Grant. I would suspect the revenue supports the salaries of the killers they employ. Why would we continue to pay their salary when they are killing innocent citizens? I also believe BART is a government agency so why would we continue to knowingly give money to the same people who are doing nothing to ensure this murderer is locked up.