Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

In cleaning up my place today, I came across my old copy of this book.

This and Watchmen are hailed as two of the greatest comic book stories ever told. With these stories came the grim n' gritty era of storytelling in comic books in the 80's. So enough blabbering, here's the synopsis from the DC Comics.

It is ten years after an aging Batman has retired and Gotham City has sunk deeper into decadence and lawlessness. Now as his city needs him most, the Dark Knight returns in a blaze of glory. Joined by Carrie Kelly, a teenage female Robin, Batman takes to the streets to end the threat of the mutant gangs that have overrun the city. And after facing off against his two greatest enemies, the Joker and Two-Face for the final time, Batman finds himself in mortal combat with his former ally, Superman, in a battle that only one of them will survive. This collection is hailed as a comics masterpiece and was responsible for the launch of the Batman movies.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Written by Frank Miller; Art and Cover by Miller and Klaus Janson. Published in 1986.

***And where else are you gonna find a story that has Superman as a pawn for the government at Reagan's beck and call?***

-Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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tomztoyz said...

Don't know how I ended up at your blog but I gotta agree that this is a really great Batman of the very BEST!

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Thanks, Tommy