Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catch me performing in LA at the Key Club's Plush Lounge this Saturday July 11th!!!

Come one, come all! Its gonna be a very special show. The Honor Roll is invading LA and between Track's Dub Frequency shindigs, the Turntable Lab instore, my show right here and more, we got a lot to offer you lovely folks of Floss Angeles!

All presale tickets purchased in the following 2 ways support me. Any tickets bought at the door go straight to the Key Club. So get your tickets for my Saturday night show in 1 of 2 ways:

Hit up Darren Hamlyn (he's in LA, he'll come to you) at or on Twitter at HERE.


Just click HERE!

This show is gonna be awesome, and if you came to my last LA show, you'll know what to expect, but only more exciting and more fun! New songs and surprises abound!!!

Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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Mouf.Peace said...

mike tell me that isn't u in that picture??!!!