Friday, February 6, 2009

MC Hammer

The above video of MC Hammer on Arsenio is one of my favorite things to watch ever. Crowd in the palm of his hand and he's getting it in.

I know it's typical, and "old hat" to be ragging on MC Hammer, but it really should stop. He definitely helped Hip-Hop break that glass ceiling into mainstream territory, even if folks feel he sold out in doing so. Plus he's a positive movement out here in the Bay supporting the youth.

You can't front on him being one of the livest performers... In his time.

This newer shit though. Peeeeee-YEW! But the Johnny Drama solo at the end is AMAZING!!!

This is specifically for your viewing enjoyment folks. Enjoy!

Mike Baker the Bike Maker


Choo said...

So cool:*

$malls said...

"i do both lips"
that one takes the cake.
Why are they wearing furs inside the club? i know it's hot.