Thursday, September 4, 2008

VIDEO: Kenna "Say Goodbye to Love" Trackademicks Remix ft. Mike Baker the Bike Maker

If you dig it, get with it. Treat this video like some good gossip, and share it with EVERYONE you know. Word to the [Re]Mixtape 2.

A while ago, after Track and I made this remix, I was thinking about how much I wanted to do some kinda viral video for it. Being a cinematic fanatic, I always have visuals in my head for songs, especially my own and the rest of the HONOR ROLL's.

So I decided I wanted to take clips from hella movies, and cut them to the song. I went through flicks like Contempt, Hiroshima mon amour, The Dreamers, and a gang of others to see what scenes I wanted to pull to make the song come alive visually. Nothing really grabbed me.

Hence, Millenium Mambo. The first scene of this film is beautiful. Qi Shu walking from the viewer just fits. Perfect.

Shout out to Va$htie and her Conformist/Addiction video for some of that good ol' inspiration.

I'm on the brainstorm, and Trackademicks on the execution.

Mike Baker the Bike Maker

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mj said...

hey buddy long time no chat! don't know if you remember me (Marjolyn) but i'm from Vancouver and we used to AIM it up back in the day - just noticed you had a blog link up on AIM and checked it out! sweet!
i'll subscribe to u if u subscribe to me :)