Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating my birthday...

(click image to make bigga!)

Bring That Beat Back at Milk.
-Free.99 all night
-$3 beers & $4 wells all night
-drink specials
-21 & up
-come as you are
***special free Crown City Rockers show***

COME, COME, COME, (if you can)!!!

-Mike Baker the Bike Maker


Osgood said...

yo mang, amazing to find you here too. sorry i missed your bday, but you missed mine (course i didn't really have one so.. yup! i'm the same age!)


Osgood said...

p.s. i added you to my blog list so i can stalk you more comfortably!!

Osgood said...

and p.p.s. you suck.