Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bonjour mon ami!

I thought a lil' international flair would add a nice touch to my first blog, but please, excuse my (motherfuckin') French. Oooh lol! I kid, I kid.

Anyways, I'm kinda dealing with this high I get everytime I see or experience somethin' that I think is unflappably cool, and yeah, I gotta get it outta my system. Casino Royale, (thank you very much,) is riDAMNdiculously awesome. That's all I can say. Okay, I can say more - sorry for the fibs. Daniel Craig is a great Bond. Not since Connery has an actor played Bond with the soul of what Sir Ian Fleming put forth in his novels of the British super secret agent. Watch it, enjoy it, and if you don't, you prolly like skinning animals for leather doo rags or some other evil shit. And then if that's the business, someone needs to get a super secret agent to get all Thunderball on your ass.

Speaking of your ass... Ladies, thanks for looking so good these days. Yum!

...Ummm. Yeah, blogging. I got so excited about starting one cuz Filth, Von, Vash, Don, etc. got one, and now I have nothing to say. Anybody thinking that just because I'm a rapper, this is gonna be the doppleganger of some sorta "week-'o'-mike" on XXL blog can go watch their stomach's worth of classic (blech,) Jake & the Fatman eps. I got a lot on my mind, and it ain't all about "Klondiking" the baddest bitches at the prom. Don't suprised if I geek out on some comic book shit, or give a week's worth of blogs to women's legs. This is my Big Wang, and I can write whatever I want all over it!

Ciao, for now folks!

-Bike Maker

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Yes sir,

You live in megatechnology land, so it's about time that you got a big freakin' wang.

Don't worry - we'll get some good advertising sponsors, some traffic, and then we can go to Blowfish SF and pay for the tab with the revenues.

Or we can buy our mommas new Priuses.

I don't know.

Be well,

cHUCk dA fONk

PS - Can you post really unique looking and enthusiastic women, like the Floukids blog does ?